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Since 1989, Washington Trade International Inc. has supplied disposable medical and safety supplies locally and globally. With more than 30 years of industry experience, our dedicated and professional team is proud to offer both excellent customer service and quality products.

From locally-based entrepreneurs to major multi-national companies, our team provides industry professionals with the best products at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly, and efficient fulfillment of our customers’ needs.

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Today more than ever, companies must maintain access to resources that help them meet the challenges posed by affordable air transportation, import/export shipping, and a building global interest in travel. The word “pandemic” is one of the most intimidating recent additions to our language lexicon.

However, Washington Trade International Inc. believes that concerns regarding the rapid mutation of pathogens, as a real and immediate threat to health and safety, can be mitigated through constant vigilance and use of contact barriers that help stop the spread and transmission of viral and bacteriological agents.

To this end, we offer a wide variety of gloves, masks, gowns, protective eyewear, and other protective surgical supplies designed to facilitate personal and professional hygiene. We also aim to meet governmental (both state and federal) criteria in dealing with biohazards and hazardous chemical substances. We maintain a broad-based clientele, which includes all of the following and more:

Medical and Dental Professionals
Mechanics and Automotive Experts
Governmental Agencies
Restaurateurs and Food Service Providers
Tattoo and Piercing Specialists
Police and Firefighters
Electronics Manufacturers
Athletic Clubs
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Washington Trade International Inc. is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of new technologies as they develop. Our product line of nitrile, vinyl, latex and NIOSH-approved protection for individual use reflects our commitment to explore and purchase the best products at affordable prices. We constantly seek new and innovative products that help you meet the needs of your clientele.

As a global-serving company with a reputation for excellence, we’re positioned to use our influence to negotiate special marketing arrangements directly with manufacturers. This lets us offer hands-on, individualized strategies and opportunities for products. Our team will assist you in every step of development to help you achieve your goals. Our low overhead lets us rapidly adapt to a changing market while meeting your needs.

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President and CEO of Washington Trade International Inc., Tony Akhavan, is always available to answer direct questions from our customers. Mr. Akhavan’s “open-door” policy extends far beyond his office doors – his personal commitment to excellence in business means he will take a personal interest in your business. Your success is our success!

Contact our team to find out more about our commitment to providing reliable protective surgical supplies. We proudly serve clients throughout the United States.